11.   Ratio and Proportion.  Similar Triangles

12.   The Circle

The definition of π. The remarkable π/4.

13.   Angles and Their Measurement

Degree measure. Standard position.
The four quadrants. Coterminal angles.

14.   Radian Measure

Radians into degrees. Degrees into radians. Coterminal angles. The multiples of π.

15.   Arc Length

The definition of radian measure.  s = rθ.

16.   Definitions of the Trigonometric Functions

14.   of an Acute Angle

The area of a triangle.
The ratio of the areas of similar triangles.

17.   Trigonometry of Right Triangles

Similar figures. All functions from one function. Complements. Cofunctions.

18.   The 30°-60°-90° Triangle

19.   The Isosceles Right Triangle

10.   Solving Right Triangles

11.   The Law of Cosines

12.   The Law of Sines

13.   The area of a circle

The method of rearranging.

14.   Evaluating π

The ratio of a chord to the diameter.
The area of a circle algebraically.

15.   The Unit Circle.  Analytic Trigonometry.

The analytic definition of the trigonometric functions.
The signs in each quadrant.
Quadrantal angles.

16.   Trigonometric Functions of Any Angle

The corresponding acute angle.
cos (−θ) and sin (−θ).
Polar coördinates.

17.   Line Values

18.   Graphs of the trigonometric functions

The zeros of sin θ. The period of a function.

19.   Inverse trigonometric functions

20.   Trigonometric identities

Three-place Trigonometric Table

Some Theorems of Plane Geometry


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